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Session Musicians & Song Production

All of our session rates include a talented engineer who will help you make your project come to life in any way he can, but we also have a full staff of talented engineer/producer/musicians who are available to you and ready to take your music to the next level. Whether you are a songwriter in need of musicians to fill out your sound or a band who simply needs an extra set of ears and unique ideas in the room, we've got you covered. The below rates outline the various ways to utilize our in-house talent and get a big-budget sound on a small-budget budget.


Producers and Session Players (In session, in addition to the included engineer)


  • Half-day with dedicated producer/musician (up to 4 hours): $150


  • Full-day with dedicated producer/musician (4-8 hours): $275

Please note that while our team can comfortably wield a wide range of noise-making apparati, we unfortunately don't play everything. But even if we can't play it, chances are we know someone who does for a living. We have a long list of freelance session musicians who do great work on a number of styles and on a number of budgets.

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